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What would travel be without making contacts and swapping stories with other people? A major part of every trip is shaped by contact between people. Here are some tips for how to get along in other cultures; of course, you are also very welcome to share your own experiences here.

About me

In addition to packing my suitcase, I also had to sort a lot of other stuff before starting the trip. I had to check with the Department for Foreign Affairs, book plane tickets and get malaria vaccinations and visas. It took months of planning, organization and lots of nerves to be able to fulfil my dream. It could have all fallen through at the last minute but it did not and I will tell you why here.

The preparations

Degree, training and then what? Before carrying on with a career, family and so on, a time-out was just the right thing. To find out how this time-out came about, where the planning is going and what obstacles occurred, read on!

Around the world

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